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4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. happyendingsdoc

    Nevada only has selected counties, so Rhode Island is the only State with legal prostitution.

  2. James Barrick

    another futile “war” into which will be thrown money and effort better spent elsewhere. the participants will engage in this behavior regardless of the opinions (and legislation) of others. legalization provides at least SOME protections.

    and finally, those that are socially excluded have an outlet for “uncorking” (sorry about the pun) energy that may otherwise find violent outlet.

  3. Is this a feature or short? I’m in New York would love to see it but not so sure that many festivals would screen it except for maybe Cinekink or Coney Island. Any chance you might screen at either one?

  4. Look forward to the documentary. Where will we be able to get it?

    Our country is so puritanical, I’m surprised that RI let this slip for so many years. But even in states that have fairly solid prostitution/solicitation laws (like Florida), it’s still fairly common to see AMP’s and ‘Lingerie Modeling’ places in business. Sure, they’ll bust a few, but the same places will be back in business in the same location within a month. Just too much money in it I guess.

    I agree with the previous poster, the government should not be involved and waste our money fighting this. Just decriminalize it already.

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