One Eyed Cat

So today I am regrouping.  I seem to do that a lot lately.  I had just bought Kolangi a bunch of wet food because he had stopped eating his Iams earlier this week and I have to get rid of it.  I can’t give it to my other cat, Francesca, because she is too fat.  (We were free feeding both cats and Francesca blew up to twice her size) So on the good side of things I am going to give the plethora of wet food to the women who work at the AMP.  They feed “One Eye Cat”.  There is a feral cat with one eye that hangs around the Asian massage parlor.  I am sure there is a joke in there some where.  Anyway, two weeks ago its name was “Cat” when it had two eyes.  Now its name is “one eye cat”.  The women who work there like to take care of the animals in the parking lot.  They never name them, but they do feed them.  I think it is similar to what they do with the Johns.  But they never use the word “John” they say “Guy”, old guy, fat guy, big guy, black guy, tall guy.   I will try to get a picture of “one eye cat” when if I can catch him/her with my phone camera.  He is a bit skittish and hisses.  When I started the film 3 years ago there was a dog that would come around.  She had puppies in the mattress behind the dumpster.  They fed that dog everything, even steak or kobi beef.

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