Visiting Emo

Friday, after work I went to the spa with all the food I had bought for Kolangi.  I brought my puppy “Birdie” with me.  This is the second time she has been to the spa.  Experts say puppies need to be socialized, and meet 100 different people before the age of 6 months.  Well Birdie is meeting people of every different background!  This time she got to play with the Emo’s dog.  An Emo as explained to me is the “House Mommy”, she cooks and cleans for the women who work.  The one that was there when I started the film was “Ajema” or “Old woman” and left because her green card expired.  Sometimes the women will pick the spa they go to based on the reputation of the Emo.  The current Emo has a little white dog, not a poodle, but smaller.  A small barrette held its hair back from its eyes.  I never caught the name of the dog, but I definitely know it is a boy dog.  I know this for 2 reasons.  The first is because Emo yelling at me in broken English, “He a boy” when ever I said she or her, referring to the little white dog, and secondly, the dog was trying to hump my little “Birdie”.  My poor “Birdie” didn’t know what she was walking into in that Asian massage parlor, but she did get some greenies from Emo, and I broke it up before anything actually happened between the two dogs.


One response to “Visiting Emo

  1. Cheers for writing about this. FYI – here’s some more info about emo girls you might like!

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