Ahsley Dupre & Larry Flint

I watched Ashley Dupre on 20/20 on Friday.  I feel bad for her, because she made a bunch of bad choices.  It seems like she might be on the right track now.  She doesn’t seem to be capitalizing too much on this.  She has turned down photo spreads in magazines and book deals.  It seems like she just wants to be left alone.  Maybe this is her first step in doing that.  Of course I do think it is interesting to note the fact that she could not answer a few questions under advisement of her lawyer.  If Spitzer was not charged, she should not be charged either.  I know it is the norm to charge the “prostitute” and not the “john” but in a high profile case like this maybe the norm will not be the norm.

Another, more interesting thing I watched on TV this weekend was Larry Flint: The Right to Be Left Alone. I am sure if you want to see this documentary you can find it on IFC, they usually replay their films over and over, (but I would like to suggest people buy the film to support the film maker).  This documentary was interesting on many levels, but in one interview was with a woman who had posed in Hustler.  She said that she had done interviews with indie film makers in the eighties and you would never see those films because she told them that she was a willing participant in pornography.

This struck me because my film is on Asian massage parlors in RI where prostitution is legal.  Every time you hear a story on the news you hear how these women are forced into “sexual slavery” and my film does not agree with the news.  One thing that Larry Flint does say in the film is he watched the news not for what the news shows but what the news leaves out.  Well, that is basically my whole film.  It is 80 minutes of what the news has left out over the last 3 years.  I hope there are a large number of people like Mr. Flint that believe in our first amendment right and believe the news doesn’t cover the whole story.


One response to “Ahsley Dupre & Larry Flint

  1. Just because prostitution is legal doesn’t mean that the women have chosen to be prositutes. Many of the women have been trafficked into the US. They’re not going to tell you that publicly. Behind the scenese, their lives have been threatened, as have the lives of their families back home.

    Have you ever met a little girl whose dream is to become a prostitute? I really don’t believe that any women grows up with that dream.

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