perfect balance of objectivity and heart

That is the last sentence in an email I just received.  “this was a perfect balance of objectivity and heart.”  I am finally showing the film to a few people.  This email came from one woman who is in the film because she testified in hearings before the Senate and the House Judicial Committees.  She testified for the Human Trafficking bill and against the prostitution bill.

I showed the film to her because she seemed a lot like me, an outsider looking in.  She took time to testify as a resident, and she was concerned for the women and for her city.  I value her opinion.

It has been tough for me lately with  the rejections from festivals.  It is hard when all you get back is a form letter, “Thank you for your submission to blah blah festival, but due to limited space your film has not been selected.”  When you get something like that you know you failed, but you don’t know why.  I know Art is subjective but I still would like to hear some reason.

I want this film to be seen.  I don’t want it to be seen for selfish reasons.   Granted, I worked harder on this film than anything I have worked on in my life.  I feel I owe it to all the people who worked on the film with me, and all the people who are in the film.

I know they have a place some type of thing to get people deprogrammed when they leave a cult, I wish they had something like that for people when they finish a documentary.  I wonder how film makers just let go of a project.  How do you know when it is time to move on?

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