Emails and comments

I still don’t know what direction I want to go with the film.  I am just being totally honest here.  Should I go straight to DVD or should I keep trying for a art house distribution.  I feel like a failure because I can’t get into a festival.  I check my email all the time and get a variety of interesting emails.  People come across the web site and youtube trailer and email me all the time.  Almost daily I get email asking where they can buy the film.  Sometimes I get questions on what spas give the best “services”.  Sometimes I have people yelling at me about a film they have never even seen.  I must say that these emails I enjoy the most.

I entered into this project because I didn’t know how I felt about prostitution, but I thought doing a film might spark some discussion.  This is an email I received yesterday:

why dont you loosers get a life and mind your own business, our country is in all time shithole!!!! russians submarines are in venezuela and cuba, our new president is a dumb as from hell, dollar is dropping , and all u care about is some stupid asians whores giving hand/blowjobs to some hard working americans that wana liv eina  free country !!! get a life

I will have nothing to say about the spelling or grammatical mistakes (because I have gotten emails about that too) but I must say I do appreciate that anyone would take time to write to me.  I love every comment I receive here or on youtube, and believe me there have been some doosies, so please keep the comments and email coming.  By the way, you can get to my email by going to the website or just email me at  Thanks 🙂

2 responses to “Emails and comments

  1. I think your film should show in theatres. A friend wondered if Sarah Doyle would be interested.

  2. I think that you should push for the documentary to be in theaters. There NEEDS to be a discussion about prostitution. An awareness of the reality of what is happening to the girls must become general knowledge. Many if not most of whom are lied to, coerced into prostitution; many if not most of the girls are forced to do drugs resulting in their drug addiction.

    We can start a grassroots effort to get the name of your documentary out there…that’s how the fight against trafficking/child slavery is going to be won.

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