Is it all about the money?

When do I make the decision to get this film out there?  I wanted to have it out by January 2009.  I guess you could call that my new years resolution.  At what point do I just press the dvd and sell it?  Is it all about the money?  I got another email yesterday from a guy who said I should just approach porn distributors and get on their mailing lists.  Yesterday was Christmas, and I would never in a million years think that I would ever be making my money off of porn.  But then I think to myself, maybe it is just another way to get information out.  I know that in hotels that offer movie rentals, porn accounts for the most rentals.  (I have also read that during religious conventions the porn rentals go up substantially)  So I have to figure out why does it bother me to be lumped in with this category?  There is a sex scene that starts off the film.  I think I just don’t like being put into catagories, it is that or the catholic guilt!


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