Writing on the wall

Have you read “The Secret”?  I have not.  I know it is popular, and a bunch of people believe in the book, but I never got around to reading it.  I did, however, catch a reference to it on one of my favorite shows “My Life on the D-List with Kathy Griffin”.  There was this episode where her assistant and the assistant to the assistant wanted to go to Tahiti (I think that was the island).  Anyway, they wrote it on a paper and stuck it on the wall and it came true.  It was probably almost a year ago that I saw that, and I figured even if I didn’t read The Secret, maybe I could get it to work for me.  For the last 10 months I have been working with a cardboard over my head at work that says 1) Get in Film Festival 2) Get Distribution 3) Become Healthy.

Today I took that cardboard down.  Not that I have given up, although I pretty much am done with the festival dream.  I just felt like I had to do something, this being a new year and all.  I have been in this holding pattern for a long time, I needed a change.

After taking down the sign, going out back for a smoke (yeah #3 hasn’t worked out too well either) I came back to my desk and checked my email.  I had an email from someone who could possibly do something to get the film shown.

I am still starting to go through on plans for self distribution, the dreaded plan B, but getting an email from someone at a company gives me some sort of hope.  I guess we will have to see.

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