It’s Not Easy

Tara Hurley

Tara Hurley

When I started this film, I needed to come up with a name for the production company.  Previously,  I worked for a while doing a record label.  For that I came up with “We Can Do It”  for the ASCAP.  The name was from the Rosie the Riveter campaign.  (The name of the record company was Third Eye Records)  This time when I had to come up with a name I decided to look back to my own history.

I grew up in a home with my Va Voo  (Portuguese for grandfather).  There were two things he always said.  One thing I am pretty sure is a swear, and I don’t know how to spell it.  The other thing was “It’s Not Easy”.  He would say “It’s not easy” so many times my mother t-shirts, sweat shirts, and hoodies with It’s Not Easy ironed on the front.

If anything, making this film has not been easy.  Every thing that has gone wrong, I try to take with a grain of salt and say “It’s not easy”.  My computer crashed, “It’s not easy”.  The new computer can’t take the old software, hey “It’s not easy”.  I can’t find an hour of translations “It’s not easy”.  I guess this is sort of like my SERENITY NOW! chant.

On a side note, I was excited when Barak Obama won the election.  And like many others I, when I heard that the Obama family would be getting a dog I was interested in the story.  I am very much an animal lover, I even feed the birds at my house.  This week it came out that the Obamas might be getting a Portuguese Water Hound. I hope he does.  I mostly have had labs growing up, but I would love to see a dog representing my Mother land in the white house.     My fatherland would be the Irish setter, but that dog isn’t in the running.


One response to “It’s Not Easy

  1. Check out that second arm!

    Enjoying following your blog.

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