American Men = No Good Sex!

I have been saving up for the licensing of the one commercial song I have in the film and of course I have had a set back.  My water heater exploded! Since I am going to have a delay, I figured I would let out a few clips.  Some of the clips are in the film, some are not.  This one is.

I had talked to Nick (the editor, camera man, and best worker a first time director could ever have) about releasing clips before.  He was not into releasing this one.  I think although he finds it funny, he is an American man, and I am sure he would say we should try not to offend everyone.

What I think is interesting about the clip is what I found interesting about Jen.  She was straight to the point with all the questions I asked.  Sure, she exaggerates a bit, but she never refused to answer any of the questions I asked.

I met many more women than just “Heather, Jen, and Danielle” who are in my film.  The stories I could tell…and I think I might.

One thing I did find interesting was how the women always referred to “American” men, and their ideas of “America”.  I would ask all sorts of questions, like what did the men ask for, how do they charge.  One time one of the women said to me that they charged black men more.  I asked her to explain, and she said in a thick accent “It is because we tiny down there”  I sat there and wondered if you have to be discriminated against, does it make the discrimination less hurtful if it is because of the size of your manhood?


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