There was this church in Providence…

I can’t wait to get to Cinekink.  I have been trying to do the things I think you are supposed to do for a festival, like press releases.  Of course I messed up on the first release I sent out and forgot to put the actual location of where the film is going to be shown.  As luck would have it I didn’t realize it until after I pressed the send button.  Oh well, that is pretty much the way things go, It’s not easy.

As soon as I found out I was in the festival I called my girlfriend April, then Nick the editor, then my mom.   My brother and sister helped me the with film, my brother did voice-overs and my sister did camera work one time, so I told them too.  Everyone is so excited, and they all are planning to go to the show.  (all except my mom for health reasons)

My mom can’t seem to grasp the name of the festival.   She kept calling it The Sin and Kink festival.  If you know my mom, you know it is not unusual for her to  confuse names.  Last week she called me up and said “I want to get on Myface.”  I grew up with these Carolisms, I knew she was talking about facebook, so I set up an account for her.  Since then she has called it faceplate, faceplace, spaceface, and a whole host of other names.

My parents are catholic and were married right out of high school.  They are not too familiar with film festivals, and as far as I know they have no knowledge about, kink. (Like most people I would like to think my parents only did it 3 times, once for each kid).

The funny thing is my father and I did have an experience with films about kink once.   About 7 years ago I was working with another woman and we wanted to make a “creative business incubator” where all different businesses that had to do with music, film, and the arts could be housed in one location.  We found a location in a Church that was for sale in Providence’s Onleyville section.  When we made an appointment to look at the property I figured I would bring my father to look around.  I didn’t and still don’t know anything about heating, electricity, or structures, so I figured it would be good to bring my father for his advise.  We looked all over the church, and it was beautiful, it had a loft apartment and some construction had already been done to make offices.  The salesman said there was one business working there, but didn’t tell me what kind of business, and they had leased the basement.   After touring the church main floor and loft, the salesman, my father and I all went to the basement where the one office had been rented out.

It was in January, and they had just had the New Year Party.  The office space was nice, leather couches and shiny electronics.  There were nude pictures on the wall and covers of dvds they had produced.   These pictures were tame compared to the next few rooms.  I was interested in it, but I was with my dad, and completely caught off guard.  Here we are inspecting a building and I asked my dad to help and now we are together in a porn studio, a dungeon set in the basement of a church.  Each room off the office was  (better or worse depending on your views) than the next.  The first one was set up as a gallery with photographs, the next one had a bed with red lighting, the next one a bondage chair, the next room a prison.  I thought the whole thing was interesting, I just wish the salesman would have told me about it so I wouldn’t have brought my dad for the inspection.

So that was my first experience with film and kink.  I know this one will be better because I won’t have my dad as an unwilling participant.  He isn’t going.


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