Anthology Film Archive

Anthology Film Archives

Anthology Film Archives

I sent out a bunch of invites and press releases about getting into Cinekink.  In my excitement, and probably because I had never written a press release before, I forgot to write where the film is going to be shown.  The film is going to be shown at the Anthology Film Archive.

After doing a little research, I am even more excited! This location is a converted court house, and and was adapted to house two motion picture theaters, a reference library, a film preservation department and a gallery.

It is the first museum devoted to “Film as an art form”, and they even have a manifesto.  (I think anyone with a manifesto is cool)  If you don’t think that is cool enough, is was also used as the location for Dr. Octopus’ laboratory in Spiderman 2.

Go here to get your tickets now.


One response to “Anthology Film Archive

  1. Cool…when r u going to post a manifesto? I can’t wait to see Happy Endings? on the BIG screen! A : )

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