Women, Women, Women

I am really getting excited about Cinekink!  I am looking at the schedule of all the films and I wish I could go to NY for the whole festival and watch all the films, but alas I am just a poor telcom worker.  I can’t get that many days out of work, and I can’t afford a hotel for that long.

What I am most proud of is the fact that a bunch of the films are directed by women!  The festival is even ran by a woman!  Typically that is not the case.  I have a poster in my office that I bought from the Guerrilla Girls.   You can see the stats up top.

The film I am most excited to see is Graphic Sexual Horror.  I can’t wait to see this film partly because it is a documentary, but mostly because the directors are also women, and this is one statement I found on a blog:

In the directors’ own statement:
“In making this film about such an unpopular subject, both Anna and I agreed that we wanted to paint an accurate picture of what we saw. We did not want to sway our audience to a particular point of view. Several people that screened for us found this to be unnerving. They wanted to be told what to think.”

I find it so interesting that in thier film and my film we both try to let the viewer come to their own conclusion.  I think this is part of the style of a woman director.  I haven’t seen their film, but I am interested in finding out how they accomplished their goal, and if it tormented them as much as it did me.


One response to “Women, Women, Women

  1. Great to hear that you’re coming to our screening for Graphic Sexual Horror. Your film sounded the most interesting to me, too.
    We’re also having a party on Feb. 26, hope to see you there! It may not be the time to have long discussions about filmmaking, but at least there will be funny (depending on your sense of humor) outtakes.
    Thursday February 26, 8PM
    BAR: 40C
    Location: 40 Ave C, New York, NYC


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