We are in NEW YORK!!!

40 C

40 C

We got into NYC last night at 7:00 and into the hotel.  We went over to 40C for a party for Graphic Sexual Horror, another documentary playing at Cinekink.  It was great to talk to another director, hear all the similar struggles she had that I experienced while making my film.  What is familiar with all films is the editing process, you have to struggle to find out how to cut and trim out time.  We laughed together at how you get to the point in editing when you find 20 seconds to cut you feel elated, and it feels like that 20 seconds is 20 minutes.  April and I stayed at the party until midnight and then returned to the hotel where we grabbed some posters and went out and postered the city.  It was expensive to make the posters, but it is exciting to see the poster for my film hanging in NY right next to posters for huge films like Watchmen and TV shows and even toothpaste.  When we got back to the hotel I tried to get on my laptop, but of course my laptop refused to work.  For some reason my laptop will not work with the battery in it, and the battery was jammed inside.  I had to wait until I could get a butter knife to pry it out this afternoon to get my laptop to start working again.  As always, It’s Not Easy!


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