and we’re back

We are back from our first festival.  We won honorable mention in the Documentary category.  Graphic Sexual Horror won for Audience Choice.  I didn’t feel bad that we didn’t win.  I actually now know how people aren’t lying when they say they were excited to be nominated.  I was excited to see the film on the big screen.  It was cool to get audience feed back and hear questions.  When we were in NY my laptop died.  I would have loved to blog about every moment, because we had some crazy ones.  I am going to post some pictures and stories about the festival in the coming days.  For now, please check out this review at THE PLOT HOLE.  Angela Mac, a writer for The Plot Hole, contacted me about “Happy Endings?” back before Christmas.  Yesterday, when I was driving back from NY to RI, I got an email that she reviewed the film on the website.  I have to say I was shocked about how dead on she was  with the review, and  I am not just saying that because she says I have a brain and heart.


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