Stickers, Posters, and Shirts, oh my!

eye BARSWhen we were at Cinekink we gave out stickers, posters, and t-shirts.  All were a hit.  The t-shirts said “Happy Endings?” on the front, and “You Can’t Clap with One Hand” on the back with our website.  It was cool having a bunch of people walking around the streets of New York as our live bill boards, but I must say my girl friend did get some sideways looks as we walked around Chinatown.  I will be posting more pictures when I can get them off my phone, but I liked this one.  Some people put the stickers all over the city.  I was standing outside a store and I saw a woman walk by this poster and laugh.  She pointed it out to a friend and said “Look Happy Endings” when she saw the bumper sticker over the eyes.


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