getting a showing

I am working on showing the film in Providence, where it all takes place.  I would love to have  it show at the Avon on Thayer street.  I have seen so many indie films there, but are they actually indie when they already have tons of money behind them?  It doesn’t look too good to show at the Avon because the owner said I would have to pay $7000 for a Saturday to Thursday run.  I really would like a weekend only, and I think that is only what I can afford, but he will not do just Friday to Sunday runs.  I know I have a large number of people in RI who want to see the film.  I have been reviewed by both types of women, one who feels prostitution should be legal and one that does not.  Both gave positive reviews, so I know everyone gets something out of the film.  I am going to try the Cable Car and the Columbus Theater next on my voyage to book a theater.  I will get the film shown!!!!!


One response to “getting a showing

  1. I smell FUNDRAISER

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