The Economy

I don’t feel like I should be any kind of expert on the economy.  I don’t balance my check book, until last month I didn’t have a credit card, and I wouldn’t consider myself a big consumer.  I live in Rhode Island, apparently the second only to Michigan on the “Worst” list of job lost and unemployment.  I really don’t think you can include Michigan on the list because they have all the automobile factories, so RI should be on the top (The top of the bottom).  The NY Times, even did a story a few weeks ago on the situation of RI’s economy.

One thing I think is interesting is two years ago people were reporting that RI had ten asian massage parlors.  Now reports from that come from the Providence Journal say there are 23 massage parlors.  In two years, the massage parlors more than doubled??

There have been editorials about stopping the massage palors, others where people think we should be taxing them.  I think we should at least study them, and find out how they are so successful?  As far as I know there is no other business in RI that has grown at such a rate, and they are growing in Mass, Conn, and all over the United States.


2 responses to “The Economy

  1. that’s odd because massage is a service, not a necessity in these odd times. Anything about therapeutic massage?

  2. The reports in the newspapers are just about the Asian massage parlors. I would think because of these tough economic times the first thing to go in people’s personal budget would be the “slush fund” but some how these businesses are flourishing. I think we should find out the business model.

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