Giving away money I don’t have

I am getting everything ready to start selling DVDs.  I spent a large amount of money producing this film.  Mostly on translations and music, all in total I would say I spent about a years salary.  I know I will make that back, plus more.  It is not about the money.  I know when people say that, they are saying it is about the money, but in making this film I did see first hand how money truly is the root of all evil.

I would see how some of the women who were in the business would make a ton of money and blow it at casinos.  Some would buy things I thought were ridiculous, like $500 handbags.  Some were there and had goals, one was there for one month in the summer and paid her College tuition.  But more often I saw the old proverb “The body is cheap, the heart is priceless”.

I want to take the money I get from making the film and put it to good use.  I am going to set aside a portion of the profits to go towards two non-profits.  I haven’t found what two yet, but one will be a sex-workers rights group.  That is what the main character “Heather” would have wanted.  The other group I want to donate to is one set up to fight violence against women.  I think I will contact Day One RI.  They were involved with bringing translators into the massage parlors into the spas after I began the film.   Of all the people involved in the film, Day One was the only people who actuall asked to meet with me to ask me what I was finding out while I was filming.  They seemed genuinly conserned with the wellbeing of the women.  I don’t know their position on sex work or prostitution, but I know ultimately we shared the same concern for the women.


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  1. Good luck with your DVD Launch…use TWITTER to launch it.

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