Tea Party

My Shirt/Sign for Happy Endings?I went to the Tea Party today.  I didn’t get to see the news, so I don’t know how the turn out was in other cities, but it was pretty good in Providence.  When I was driving down I heard estimates of 2,200 people.

Like everyone else, I was there with my own agenda.  I wanted to promote my film.  I figured when else would I have tv cameras, press, and a whole bunch of people around in one area to read my signs?  I handed out stickers and a few postcards to people I thought would be interested in coming to the film.  I got a ton of questions about what my sign/shirt meant, so I got to talk to a bunch of people.  I hope I get to at least spark some conversations.  It surprised me how many people did know about RI’s prostitution law (or lack there of).  I guess it was the crowd.

The people were from all different backgrounds, varing from the “Family Values”,  pissed that tax dollars go to planned parent hood, to the “End the FED”  people who want to end the Federal Reserve, people against Socialism, people against Universal Health Care .  All these groups were protesting together, if you put them in a room and had them talk about any other political issue they all would disagree.  Today, on April 15, Tax Day, they all agree we are paying too much in taxes.  I guess the bottom line is that money makes the world go around.


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