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Sometimes I get the feeling that I might be like Micheal Moore.  I don’t want to be like him, I respect him, but he is not my style.  The only reason I think I am sort of like him is when he was at the Oscars and said there was no reason to be invading Iraq.  Everyone hated him.  I sort of feel like I am in the same positition.

In The Projo today they have an article called RI in the “Eye of the Storm” in sex trafficking. You can click the link, or I can tell you it is the basic rhetoric.  There are a bunch of quotes from people who think there is a link between prostitution and human trafficking, and that closing the prostitution loophole is the solution to stopping the trafficking.

Here is where I feel like Moore, every news station, radio station, and paper has joined on with this bull shit.  I am one of the few people who knows that if you close the loophole you will just be making it more difficult for the women.  Like Moore warned us not to invade Iraq, I am warning not to change the law.

Even with out a law, the Warwick police raided a spa.  In this spa was a woman I know, because she is in the film as “Danielle”.  The police went on the radio the next day, said they were helping women, and believed this was a spa where trafficking was going on.  I know for a fact there was no trafficking in that spa.  Besides that, the police took personal cell phones, laptops, drivers licenses, and all of the woman’s cash.  How can you say you are helping the women when you take everything from them and throw them onto the street?  “We didn’t arrest anyone”  they say, but being questioned for four hours and loosing everything is close enough to an arrest.

I feel like we are treating the AMPS like Iraq, lets bomb them to help them.  It makes no sence, and we are not helping anyone with the tactics that are being used.


3 responses to “Moore and more news

  1. Infuriating how “the news” chooses to spin stories according to preconceived ideas without digging for the real story. I too thought the women in the spas were there, if not against their will then kind of tricked (excuse the pun) into being there.

    Since I found your blog I’ve learned a lot about this subject. Keep on telling your story, eventually people will listen.

  2. I agree! I live in Phoenix, and I indulge on the more legalized side of prostitution. I also am fortunate enough to be able to work from my home and avoid many of the “raids”.
    2 thoughts I would like to give my observation on:
    1) There is human trafficking going on in this city, but Sheriff Joe doesn’t go after the real problems, no he goes after the easy ones! The women like you pointed out in your article. That way he can look good in the eyes of his constituants. Raiding a “safe” massage parlor brings out the press and feeds his ego. By going after the true problem, well that requires effort, funding and proof! I feel sorry for those girls that are stuck in a life they had no choice in and I hope the Sherriff decides to put effort into freeing them!
    2.) We have a street here that’s well know for it’s prostitution, Van Buren Avenue. Ervery so often there is a sting on that street to clean up all illegal activity. They target these women again, because its easy. Law enforcement says they do it to clean up the drug problem that goes along with prostitution. They (Law Enforcement) take the big paddy wagons and other vehicles and spend a few hours rounding up the so called “criminals”, which are usually the homeless that are just trying to survive.
    These so called “criminals” are usually sitting on the side of a convience store or in the shade of some tree nearby, hoping and wishing that their life would or could be different., when all of a sudden it is different, they are arrested. The hookers or street-walkers are easy targets as well. They too are usually homeless and are standing on a corner hoping the guy that just drove by will turn around and come back, and he probably will, because that’s why they are both there!
    After this sting, Law Enforcement will have a small news conference and determine the streets safe once again for the “criminals”, spouts some numbers indicating arrests that are blown out of porportion and all will rest easier tonight.
    The only people they arrested were the same people they arrest on any given day…and the others that didn’t get arrested? Well they just moved up to the next street as well as the men that were looking for them in the first place.
    Legalize prostitution, regulate it and everyone would be happier and sleep better!

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