Barney Miller & Asian massage parlors

I have been doing searches on massage parlors, happy endings, prostitution, and the things that are my usual tag words.  I thought that “Happy Endings” as a term was recent, or maybe just as recent as the nineties.  I find this Barney Miller clip when I searched “Massage Parlor”, and this is what I found.  It is incredible because this video is from 1976, even before I was born!  So this is not a recent phenomenon.

4 responses to “Barney Miller & Asian massage parlors

  1. I have no idea what this comment means but if someone would translate I would appreciate.

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  3. I live in Fla-duh, where there are lots of “lingerie modeling” studios. Or as my friend’s brother calls them, “jack shacks”. Some people see them as a blight on the community, most don’t care. I guess they serve a purpose or they wouldn’t exist, don’t know if it’s “right or wrong”….

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