Not top billing..

I guess when you write a story titled “RI in Eye of the Storm in Sex Trafficking, Prostitution” you get the front page.  That article can get front page on the Sunday paper, probably the widest read paper of the week.

Today, there was another article “Suspected Warwick brothel linked to businesses in Central Falls, Providence”. That article didn’t get the front page.  It didn’t even get front page on the website.  RI officials working to to stop invasion of the Asian Longhorn Beetle made the front page.   Not that I think the title of the article was all that great.  I guess that is just the way the newspapers work.

If I was to give the article a title, I would say that what they should have picked something from this:

Meanwhile, the police have found no evidence that three Korean women questioned at the scene of the April 9 raid were victims of human trafficking, Babula said. Two of the women are U.S. residents. The third has an outstanding deportation order but was released along with the other two since she “is not a danger to anyone,” he said, and has attended hearings on her case with immigration authorities.

After all the media keeps linking Asian massage parlors to human trafficking, It would have been nice to give the fact that there is no human trafficking, more prominence in the story.  It doesn’t really matter though.  I usually read the stories on the website for the comments from the users.

The comments are great, most detesting the fact the state is wasting money.

Thisisthecity wrote “the real victim is me and you the ones who pay for this crap to go to court”ing

Lets Think About it wrote “This was a waste of tax payer money to investigate. So they give out happy endings, where’s the crime? That’s right it is legal in RI. There are many other things that could be looked into like the mini mart on Main Ave, where they sell pipes for dope and there is a guy that hangs out all day making arrangements for other to get their supply.”

Island said “Stop wasting tax dollars busting these people. Tax them!”

Mr xyx said “Hey General Assembly…. new license fees? PLUS… 7% sales tax !!!!!”

Other people pointed out the women were in the 40s and 50s, and they knew what they were doing.  The rest of them were hot on the immigration angle.  Everyone has their angle!! But one that was missing was people who believe this is human trafficking, or that the prostitution loophole needs to be closed.  I wonder how the comments represent the general public?

I really wish I could get comments like that!!!


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