What is next?

I have done all I could do.  I got a bunch of publicity.  Providence Monthly wrote about the film two times in the June issue.  RI Monthly had “Happy Endings?” as one of the top events of the weekend.  If there is one thing I will say when I look back is that I could not have tried harder.

I don’t know the official numbers of people who came to the weekend showing of “Happy Endings?”.  I would guestimate that there was around 75 to 150 at each show.  We had problems with the audio in the Theatre.  It’s not easy!!! The speakers in the theatre were only working in the front, but we worked with what we had.

I had hoped that more people would show up, but the audience that was there was great.  I got to respond to questions and get audience feedback, and that is the best part of making films.  When you get to speak with the audience and see that they connect to a person in the film, or that they have had their eyes and mind opened to something, that is really the pay off.

I didn’t actually make any money, I didn’t even break even on the theatre rental, but money isn’t everything.  I hope the people who saw the film go out a talk about it.  I know the word of mouth publicity that the film will get from the showing is worth more than money.

Now we will just have to see what will happen with the law.  There is just about 3 weeks left until the deadline, and there is no date on the Senate calendar for a hearing on the bill.  What is unfortunate is that the Human Trafficking bills that are before both the Senate and House are getting completely ignored.  I am sure there isn’t much debate about passing a human trafficking law,( come on who isn’t for punishing Human Traffickers!!!), but the legislation is letting it just fall by the way side as they argue over the Prostitution bill.


2 responses to “What is next?


    now when’s this film come out on dvd.

  2. Film is available now!
    Purchase your copy on the official Happy Endings? website.

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