Smoke them out?

Smoke them out?Is Rhode Island becoming Iraq?  I was not kidding when I talked about this connection before.

I always thought that it was interesting that George Bush repeat 9/11 and Iraq in every speach, and years later he said there is no connection between 9/11 and Iraq.  It is pretty similar to the whole prostitution and human trafficking link that has been push and pushed over and over again.

Now, we have Senator Jabor adopting some of the speech that George Bush is famous for.  I can remember George Bush running around saying things like “wanted dead or alive” and “we’re gonna smoke them out” when he was referring to Iraq and Bin Laden.  I guess Senator Jabour is in the minority of people who thinks this was a good tactic.     In today’s projo Senator Jabour says:

Jabour had said last week that property owners are the “silent force” against his bill, adding that he wanted to “smoke out the skunks and see who’s against it.”‘

I will say it again.  I am against any bill that will go after women, and now we are using them as the bait?!?   It is incredible that other places in the world are moving forward, and Rhode Island is moving backwards.

Over 63% of people who responded to the poll on the Projo said they are not for re criminalizing.  The people who were for making prostitution illegal wanted to change the law for moral reasons.  Jabour wants to go after the landlords?  Way to miss the point Senator Jabour.

One response to “Smoke them out?

  1. Your comment about RI moving backwards is right on the money. It’s disappointing that not a single senator had the courage or insight to get out of the lockstep march.

    I can still vividly remember the undercover detectives sitting with smug expressions on their faces outside the courtroom, happy to be getting a day’s pay to doing absolutely nothing after previously getting paid for deceiving the spa workers, accepting their services and then arresting them, and the haughty, nasty attitude of the prosecutor from the persecution of the Spa Midori a few years ago. It will be sad to see if those scenes end up being played out all over again. I hope that Giannini and Jabour cannot make up their differences, as there doesn’t seem to be much other ground to rest hopes on at this point.

    Tara – you have put forward a great effort, and it is appreciated regardless of how the final issue turns out.

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