Opinions are like…

Belly ButtonI have an opinion too.  Actually I have 2 opinions. (Well I have a ton of opinions, but 2 as it relates to the situation on the prostitution law in Rhode Island)  While I am against laws that would criminalize sex between consenting adults, I fear that the over abundance of  media is forcing the General Assembly to create a law.  Since a law may be passed, I am  hoping for one that will not imprison the women who I have come to know in the process of making “Happy Endings?”  I guess you can say my second opinion is a compromise, a “plan b” as it were.

My “plan b” was printed in the Boston Globe today.  This “plan b” is known as the Sweden law.  I know that people who are in the sex industry will be upset with me for advocating for this law, but because it looks like a law is going to pass I am going to advocate for the lesser of two evils.

One response to “Opinions are like…

  1. I recently bought the documentary and learned a lot from it. Good job on it. I had a couple of comments about your boston globe piece.

    First, are you citing a study that found the decline in prostitution in Sweden was attributable to their law change? My coauthor, Todd Kendall, and I have been studying the online prostitution markets for the last year and a half. Even here in the US, from 1999-2009, prostitution arrests fell dramatically without any law changes. We argue that some of this is attributable to the growth in online prostitution markets. I was therefore wondering what measure of prostitution you were using in the op-ed piece, and whether you were comparing that decline to other countries over the same time period or if it’s an unconditional decrease (ie, no control group) that you’re reporting.

    Second, I had a question about Rhode Island that I cannot get answered. Exactly when does the 1980 loophole that is created *practically* take effect? I’ve read some who argue that decriminalization de facto happens in 1999 and others who say 2003.


    scott cunningham
    assistant professor
    department of economics
    baylor university
    waco, texas

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