Breaking the law!

breaking the law!This weekend the Providence Journal released an excellent report RI Police charities solicit from “spas”.  In this report we find out how over the past years many of the spas, believed to be fronts for prostitution, have been donating to the Faternal Order of Police.  One of the spas even had what looks like 30 stickers from all of their donations wallpapered on the door of the spa.  Other spas  advertised in the police booklets.

 “COME TREAT YOUR BODY…” reads an ad for Lily Spa in the most recent 2008 issue of Cranston Police Union’s Public Safety Guide, a booklet of safety tips thick with ads from a variety of businesses….Spa ads also have turned up in The Rhode Island Trooper, the official publication of the non-profit Rhode Island Troopers Association, a membership organization of state troopers “dedicated to the improvement of the law enforcement profession…” The magazine’s spring/summer 2009 edition features articles on topics such as state police promotions, construction of a new state police headquarters and investigating fraud. The back of the magazine contains a directory filled with ads for area businesses. Under “pools & spas” is a thumbprint-sized listing for “Lily’s Spa.”

There are many things that I would like to point out about this article. 

  1. It is illegal for police to use a third party to collect donations.  RIGL 11-18-31 “No professional solicitor shall solicit money from any individual or business in the name of any law enforcement agency or any organization which would reasonably appear to be affiliated in any way with any law enforcement agency or personnel.”   
  2. The article also states “Police questioned three Korean women at the spa and concluded there was no evidence that they were victims of human trafficking and made no arrests.”  I hope people read this sentence and realised that the police have been in many of these spas (not only collecting donations) and have never found evidence human trafficking.  
  3. Spas gave donations and kept the receipts for tax purposes.  This would mean they are legit businesses.  How many criminal entities give to charities?
  4. A reported went in a spoke to women in the spas, she didn’t need to arrest them to get them to talk.  The police have said they need to arrest the women in order to get them to speak.  


Right now Rhode Island is working on a new prostitution law.  There are two bills, but  for a bill to become law there must be one bill that everyone in the House and Senate can agree on.  Because there is a disagreement on the bills, the State Police and the Attorney General have come in to create a compromise bill.  One question I have is how can the State Police be in charge of creating a bill about prostitution when they have been receiving money from the places they have been and will be targeting?  Usually politicians will recuse themselves when a bill comes up and it involves someone they have represented or received money from.  I wonder if the same thing will happen here?

5 responses to “Breaking the law!

  1. Interesting views, but I really wish you would add the focus to the girls in the strip clubs who have sex with little protection. I know more about this industry then you will ever know, and you are telling part of a true story, however you need to tell the side about the guy in NJ and Flushing who builds 80% of the spas on the east coast and partners with girls to run it, then wants 10K a week, if they do not hit, he steals the business from them, and sends someone else in. I will not say that there are no sex slaves, but i think my comment is the bigger issue here

    • Hi Dante,
      Thanks for commenting. It is true, I don’t know much about strip clubs. My main point is I don’t think arresting the women in the spas is beneficial to anyone. It doesn’t stop anything, and gives the women a criminal record and then if they want to get out of this business they are not really going to have a chance.

  2. Thank you for posting this, as well as your blog. While people may have different opinions, the important thing is that the issue is being discussed, so I applaud you.
    I understand your stance regarding the possible persecution of these women should the law pass, but if I could make an observation, you seem adverse to the very idea that human trafficking exists in RI at all. Are you denying it’s very existence, along with the acknowledgement that we, as RI citizens, need to fight for a welfare system to bring these women to safety should these spas be shut down?

  3. Hi VIT, thanks for reading.
    I am not saying that Human Trafficking does not exist. It could possibly exist, even though I have not seen it and the police reported they did not find any in the spas they raided. I think that it probably does exist, we should be looking in all places not just the Asian massage parlors. I do not agree with rounding up the women and arresting them, hoping they will testify. (We don’t round up married women and hope to find victims of domestic abuse?) I also do not think any of the women in the AMPs will turn to the welfare system, they will more likely than not continue to work (underground) or move to another state. These women are making by some estimates $20-30,000 a month, going on welfare is probably not an option.

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