Things that make you go hmm…

I get a ton of emails.  I am on a ton of lists.  This one came across my desktop today and I thought it was rather interesting.  While I disagree with most of what he says, Sebastian Horsley has an interesting point of view, as a John, Pimp, and Prostitute (male escort).  Some could argue that he should have a more valid point-of-view than I would, seeing that I am an outsider.  Oh, did I mention his point of view is that prostitution should be illegal?

See the full story here: Why I Slept with 1300 Women.

4 responses to “Things that make you go hmm…

  1. I tried to read that, but the guy sounds like such a nimrod. He’d have to pay me to read the whole article.

  2. He says he wants prostitution to stay illegal. Just wait till he gets arrested. Then he’ll change his tune.

    • Susan, you are forgetting that 90% of the time the man does not get arrested because stings are set up for the women. And even when caught in the act, the police use discretion and usually let them go.

      • As a client of sex workers, the likelihood of him getting arrested is slim. But also said that he has worked as a sex worker himself, and that was what I was referring to. He’ll change his tune if he get busted doing that.

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