People Over Politics

PawnsThis morning, 30 women from spas all over Rhode Island met to discuss the upcoming prostitution legislation.  These are the women who will be effected by the change in the law, and their voices must be heard.

Rhode Island Coalition Against Human Trafficking was at the meeting, offering services to the women.  All women were given a card with a number to call if they need help, and some of the women spoke to RICAHT one on one about their personal situations.

Three legislators were also present to ask questions of the women and answer questions about the legislation.  While there will be hearings on Tuesday and Wednesday on this legislation, the new bill has not been made available to the public.

Many of the women voiced concern over how the law will be implemented and what punishments they will face.

(The Providence Journal and WRNI were present and I am sure they will have a report on what they saw.  WRNI recorded audio of the meeting)

The legislators explained to the women that this legislation is a response to the public outcry in the Providence Journal to change the law.  They see this legislation as a response that will put the needs of the community above the safety and needs of the women.

This public outcry has been led by Donna Hughes, and we all know her version of reality is not based in truth.  (A great post on Hughes and Citizens Against Trafficking most recent propaganda riddled with inaccuracies  is shown here).

While there are many reasons not the pass this bill (economic impact, civil rights, and plain old common sense) there is only one reason to pass this bill….Politics.

There is a saying that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and Hughes has been squeaking for the past 4 months.  This squeak will get her oil this week, and the women of the spas are the pawns in this whole game of politics. With a bill that will have a huge economic and human impact, it is time that we put people over politics.

5 responses to “People Over Politics

  1. Thank you for speaking the truth. I am absolutely sickened by the pompous politicians who are going forward with this cruel legislation. Not only will they take away my rights as a woman, but they demean me as a second class citizen and insult me as a rational human. Every single one of them who supported the prostitution ban should be voted out of office.

    Donna Hughes is a charlatan who collects hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funding. She is lining her pockets while insulting our intelligence.

    Giannini, well, need I say more….. an easy candidate to vote out.

    Paul Jabour – oh god – what an ass. Could he be more smug? I am humiliated to say that I live in his district. He feels that landlords should not allow their tenants to run businesses in residential neighborhoods (really? isn’t that what city ordinance is for?) And he PROMISED me that no female would be arrested under the new legislation…. so either we will more police corruption, or the first female who is arrested in Rhode Island should call his office 401-751-3300. I am sure he will provide free legal representation for the poor female victims (after all it was their landlord’s fault.)

    And may I just say that there is a business in a residence about 100 feet from my front door that houses under-aged sex offenders who have been released from the training school but who are forced to live in a group home as a condition of parole. Some of them are considered so dangerous that they can’t be allowed any privacy. And yet, a corporation makes money off of every one of them, and when I complained to Jabour’s best friend, John Lombardi, he told me that I was a “NIMBY.” God how I wish a nice lady would open a spas instead. Spa’s reduce crime, housing criminals next door to little children for corporate profit… oh there I go being a reactionary.

    Power to the people – Women should be free from creepy Paul Jabour and his creepy “help.”

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  3. I was suprprised to see Bob Kerr kind of took a 180 with the rest of his Projo bothers and sisters on this. The projo has been putting on the full court press now for some time.

  4. The bill is in reaction to huge political pressure, mostly created by the Projo and Donna Hughes who at this point I don’t know who she hates more women or men. I think Sen. Jabour did try to get the penalties down, so I can respect him for that even if I don’t agree with the bill. Unfortunately the bill will become law, and all the women will be targeted.

  5. I usually read the comments section of the articles. You get some interesting points of view at times, sometimes not. I noticed one person who commented and claimed to have passed out packets of letters endorsing the bill. I was curious as to what group this may have been? Many of the supporters the person claimed listed in this so called packet seem to have been out of state groups. Anyone know?

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