Tomorrow ends 29+ years of decriminalized prostitution in RI

Tomorrow RI Governor  Carcieri will sign h5044B into law.  As the projo reports:

The governor, who is scheduled to sign the legislation at a ceremony in the State Room, will be joined by State Attorney General Patrick Lynch, State Police Colonel Brendan P. Doherty, and the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Joanne M. Giannini, D-Providence, and Sen. Paul V. Jabour, D-Providence.

I will be at the signing too, as it is a public event.  As the Grateful Dead said it best “What a long strange trip it’s been”.  I started this project in August of 2005 after leaving my pursuit of a graduate degree in Gender and Ethnic Studies.  Now, it is over.

Skeletons from the ClosetInterestingly enough, I have owned this cd.  With the invention of mp3 players, I don’t play cds to often, but how ironic the title is “Skeletons from the Closet”.  I wonder how many skeletons will be exposed once this legislation is signed and enforced?

5 responses to “Tomorrow ends 29+ years of decriminalized prostitution in RI

  1. Sad Day For Human Rights.

  2. Joanne Giannini and Donna Hughes now have their work cut our for them. It’s all in the implementation. If this law is used to prosecute traffickers I’ll gladly say that I was wrong and they were right. But without intense pressure on our police and courts it’s just going to be a lot of women arrested.
    I don’t think they will care enough to follow through, but I hope I’m proved wrong.

  3. Well, I still adhere to the supposition that the spas and parlors are going to be shut down due to lack of money. When you combine the exorbitant fees and fines that will be imposed with the lack of out-of-state clients coming in, it won’t be worth it to stay in business.

    In “illegal” New York, for instance, there are fines imposed, but the customer base is so strong that any money paid to the city is simply the cost of doing business.

    But evidently the RI legislature (or RI law enforcement) cannot figure out this very simple economic premise: that legalized indoor prostitution facilitated a good portion of their tourist industry, and now that portion is gone. I could be wrong, but I don’t think “customer loyalty” will keep the clients coming back in the new illegal climate. Not to mention the native RI men who will be leery of going to the spas after criminalization.

    Tara, I really hope that when you go to this shindig tomorrow, that you will be able to give them a piece of your mind. After all, you won’t be able to give them a piece of your body by tomorrow, even indoors.

  4. Oops. Looks like tomorrow is today. My bad.

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