And then there were…

GoodbyeActually I don’t know how many there were to begin with, but I know that many of them are leaving at a record pace.  I know they are not all going to Nevada, so I think they are most likely either getting out of the business or going to hawk their wears in other states where it is also illegal (but no media an police pressure on the women).

The Providence Journal reported

Word that Rhode Island’s governor signed legislation Tuesday afternoon to outlaw indoor prostitution traveled quickly through the state’s community of sex workers, leaving many of the women who work at Asian “spas” on edge and their employers angry and without customers.

Neon signs outside some spas went dark; employees at others said they were open, but many of the women, fearing a police crackdown, had refused to come to work.

I guess this is the first impact of the law, the human impact.  I am going to pick up the Phoenix tomorrow and see if any of them stopped advertising, the first indicator of the economic impact.

One response to “And then there were…

  1. I would visit the spas from out of state approximately once every two weeks. Between the girls, hotel, restaurants, and other incidentals I typically spent about $1,000. There were probably a thousand guys like me.
    RI has now lost my business.

    Lost revenue to downtown Providence =
    $1,000 x 25 weeks/yr. x 1000 guys = $25,000,000 annually

    Less revenue in Providence = fewer “legitimate” jobs = more prostitutes (except now they are criminals)

    Good job RI, women will really be helped with this law!

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