Happy Turkey Day

For the past 4 years, one of the spas I was familiar with gave Turkeys and the fixings to RI’s food bank.  The women working there liked Thanksgiving, it was novel to them.  In 2005 they gave 10 turkeys, 10 stuffing mixes, 10 cranberry cans, basically they gave the whole setup for dinners for 10 families in Rhode Island.

The donation changed in 2006-2008, where they donated just turkeys.  Probably about $300 worth of turkeys.  RI Food bank said they needed the turkeys more, so that is what they got.

This year the RI Food bank will not be getting any donations.  It is sad because the need for food is up dramatically in 2009 due to the economy.

The Rhode Island Community Food Bank says from September 2008 to August 2009, emergency food programs served more than 13 million meals, an increase of 30 percent over the previous year.

The report said 11.7 percent of Rhode Island households are considered food insecure, which means they’ve had to reduce food intake or skip meals. It says 4.2 percent of households have run out of food or experienced hunger.  (See the full article here)

It is not like the spas do not want to donate anymore, it is because they do not have money to give.  Since the change in the law, there has been a decrease in customers.  The RI Food bank is just part of the domino effect. Lets hope it doesn’t get any worse for the women in these spas.



3 responses to “Happy Turkey Day

  1. The re-criminalization of indoor prostitution in RI will likely put out of business the formerly legal (and safe) spas. But it will only increase illegal indoor prostitution.

    As a working escort, who has has worked up and down the East coast (no pun intended :-)) for the past ten years, I can attest that the criminalization of prostitution will never put an end to this sacred profession. The human need for sex is simply not amenable to legislation.

    First, let me be clear. I work independently and of my own free will – I keep 100% of my earnings. And I do pay taxes. And I practice safe sex. Which is why my client list includes doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and a few law enforcement officials. And which is why I charge $500 per hour and drive a Mercedes. I consider myself a smart and beautiful business woman.

    It is amazing the fear that some have of sex. Why is giving joy and pleasure to others so scary? Perhaps some are just so lacking of love in their own lives that they want no others to have it in theirs. I can tell you my clients certainly see value in the services that I provide. I know that I bring much joy and pleasure to others, and I am proud of my work, and my humble contribution to a happier society.

    The legislature may criminalize what I do, but I (and many many others) will not stop. Because a woman’s sexuality does not belong to those pompous law-makers. My sexuality was a gift from nature and belongs to me alone. I believe that the use and enjoyment of my sexuality, however I may wish, is a NATURAL right and, therefore, can never be rightfully taken from me or controlled by others.

    So others may label me a criminal. Others may believe that somehow through criminalization I am being saved or helped. These individuals know nothing about me. I will stop selling sex when, and only when, I want to because it is my decision alone.

    Others may consider my business to be criminal, but I believe that gift of love is beautiful, and I am happy to share my sweet lovin with others. And I do not believe it is truly criminal to disobey an unjust law – I call it civil disobedience.

  2. I love sex-workers!!

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