Get out your red umbrella

SWOP Boston will be having an event for “International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers” on December 17 at the Lucy Parson’s Center.

It is believed that 200 sex workers have been murdered this year.  The most notable victim is Julissa Brisman.  Brisman, victim of the “Craigslist Killer”, was an erotic masseuse and became a victim of arm robbery, kidnapping, and murder.

Speakers will begin the event (starting at 7pm), then the names of all sex workers murdered this year will be read, followed by a little walk with our red umbrellas around the neighborhood.

4 responses to “Get out your red umbrella

  1. I think violent crime should be prosecuted and sex workers are just as deserving of protection under the law as anyone else. But I hope the claim that 200 sex workers were murdered in Massachusetts this year is exaggerated. lists 162 murders committed in 2008.

    Click to access 082009_violent_crime_v5_jul09.pdf

    It’s not a numbers game. Violent crime is bad for everyone, and violent offenders should be prosecuted.

  2. I don’t know what the number is, I just took it from the email.
    I probably should have done a fact check so I don’t fall into the Donna Hughes and Melanie Shapiro school of research 😉

  3. I won’t be in the area to attend this event, but I shall buy a red umbrella and walk around Colorado with it on the 17th to show my support.

  4. I just fixed the stat in the post. 200 is the national number.

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