Snitch and Snatch

The video above was posted as a response to the Happy Endings? trailer on youtube.

I checked it out and it looks to be all true.  The State Police in Pennsylvania paid for a John to have sex with women in a Allentown Massage Parlor.  The local news channel 7 reported:

 An appeals court has ruled Pennsylvania State Police botched a prostitution investigation in which troopers gave an informant money to pay for sex four times at a massage parlor, along with a total of $180 for the man’s trouble.The Superior Court opinion issued Thursday upheld a Lehigh County judge’s ruling that threw out prostitution charges against (name redacted) in suburban Allentown on the grounds that the government had acted outrageously.

Very interesting!  Not only did the man get money to pay for the sex, he also got paid $180 for his trouble.  I would say it is a waste of taxpayers money, but I don’t need to be redundant.  This is just another example of how prostitution laws are only used to send women to prison.

4 responses to “Snitch and Snatch

  1. Since the informant was also paid for the sex, does that make him a prostitute as well? Since the Pennsylvania police paid for the sex, does that make the police in effect the “john”?

    This story simply demonstrates how ridiculous the prostitution laws are. These types of crimes which cannot be enforced without entrapping and misleading citizens (because both parties are consenting leaving no one to call the police) should NOT be on the books.

    The prostitution laws only lead the police and criminal justice system to look like over-zealous buffoons and lead to a general distrust of governmental authority.

  2. I do think that logistically it will be very difficult to prove in court that a man in a ‘spa’ offered money for sex. That makes prosecuting the ‘johns’ pretty unlikely.
    I notice that my local ‘spas’ are still in business.

  3. Iggy is right, if the man is paid to have sex then he should be considered a prostitute as well! And ninjanurse is right too, no spas have closed. Actually one more as opened. I do hear that business is down, so I was almost shocked to hear that another one was going to open but I guess nothing really shocks me anymore.

  4. I’m no lawyer, but my understanding is that the reason it is legal to make porn is because the people having sex are paid by a third party.

    So, in this case, since the police paid both the john and the girl (albeit indirectly) no prostitution actually took place.

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