Happy Endings? on DVD


DVD Back Cover

Happy Endings? Is now available on DVD.  The DVD includes extended interviews and scenes.  Audio commentary by the film makers, and both trailers.  DVDs can be purchased on the official Happy Endings website.

When you buy the DVD directly from me you get a sticker 🙂

You can also buy the DVD from Amazon if you feel more comfortable buying from them (but they don’t give stickers)

This film is unrated.  It contains strong sexual content and images and strong language.

3 responses to “Happy Endings? on DVD

  1. if i can’t make the show on those dates. how will i be able 2 see it. i think you should make the show a week long so people can have more of the chance 2 view this film. not to mention the extra money the film would make.

  2. I w0uldn’t miss it. Kmareka gets steady hits for your film. Comment on our site, or call me, I want to tell our readers that your documentary is showing in 2 weeks.
    I got an email from Dignity that you were showing at AS220 and Donna Hughes was going to comment. I would have come, but I worked this weekend and got the message too late.
    You have recorded interviews with women whose voice has not been heard, even though they are much talked about. Meanwhile, as I drive around greater Providence, I see more spas opening. Times are hard . Where is this all going?

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