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Another email…

As I said on my previous post, I get emails all the time.  A few days ago I received an email from someone an ex-John.  He says he was a customer of the spas, a self labeled “addict now in recovery”.  In his last email to me he wrote:

This is a problem that, in the scope of all of America’s problems, this is one that we, collectively, are not yet willing to face as a nation.  Our collective psyches have swept it under the rug.  Alcohol?  fine.  Drugs?  Almost fashionable to face in recovery.  Sex addiction?  Shameful.  The fact that a double-digit percentage of people have engaged in it is perhaps why your piece is difficult for people to want to show.  It hits too close to home for many people.
Also, few people see the girls as addicts.  But they are.  It is a tango of addiction, danced by two addicts.  Each may be brought by different situations, but the underlying preconditions for the addictions usually reside in both the man and the woman.

When making this film, I wanted to get everyone’s perspective.  I interviewed police, politicians, the women in the spas, and Johns.  Now, here is the former John’s perspective.  I think it is valid, and I would like to hear your comments.