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Women, Women, Women

I am really getting excited about Cinekink!  I am looking at the schedule of all the films and I wish I could go to NY for the whole festival and watch all the films, but alas I am just a poor telcom worker.  I can’t get that many days out of work, and I can’t afford a hotel for that long.

What I am most proud of is the fact that a bunch of the films are directed by women!  The festival is even ran by a woman!  Typically that is not the case.  I have a poster in my office that I bought from the Guerrilla Girls.   You can see the stats up top.

The film I am most excited to see is Graphic Sexual Horror.  I can’t wait to see this film partly because it is a documentary, but mostly because the directors are also women, and this is one statement I found on a blog:

In the directors’ own statement:
“In making this film about such an unpopular subject, both Anna and I agreed that we wanted to paint an accurate picture of what we saw. We did not want to sway our audience to a particular point of view. Several people that screened for us found this to be unnerving. They wanted to be told what to think.”

I find it so interesting that in thier film and my film we both try to let the viewer come to their own conclusion.  I think this is part of the style of a woman director.  I haven’t seen their film, but I am interested in finding out how they accomplished their goal, and if it tormented them as much as it did me.


I am clapping with both hands!  We  made it into a film festival.  Cinekink 2009 in New York City.  As the saying goes if ” If I can make it here I’ll make it any where.”  I am excited beyond words, and there is sooooo much to do.  I hope if you are in the NY area you make it out to the film.  It is showing at 2:30 at the Film Anthology, and you can check it out at B-Side Films.  Click on this link to get tickets and put it on your schedule.

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