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Sad day for civil liberties

Today was a double blow to the rights of sex workers, or any one who believes in civil liberties.  Today Craig’s List announced they will be removing the “Erotic Service’s” section of their listings.  I believe they have good intentions, but as the saying goes, good intentions line the pathway to hell.

I know the pressure craigslist must have been under to make this decision, but they should have not buckled under.  Who knows how this will effect the industry.  I thought it was a bad move when they began charging and requiring a credit card and phone number to post an ad.  The reason I didn’t agree with that step was I thought that the site in its former capacity gave the woman or worker the tools to control their own ads.  When they made the first change they might have made it too difficult for some of the workers to post ads, and forced some of the women or workers out on to the street.  Now that they have removed the “erotic section” who knows what will happen.  They say they will put an “adult services” section in its place and have every ad reviewed by an employee, but how can you know what that employees adgenda is?

Also in today’s news, Rhode Island took the first step in creating a law to make prostitution illegal in the state.  It is reported as “closing the loophole” and I always found that interesting.  I don’t know how you say it is a loophole when you don’t have a law?  Or is it a loophole that it is illegal to smoke inside but not outside?  Is it a loophole when you can drink in your house and not on the sidewalk?  I always get a kick out of that tag “loophole”.

I actually tried to watch the vote, but as usual I was running a little late, and they rushed the bill through.  I heard them pass it on the radio.  You could hear the speaker of the House say “Every one in your seats, we are going to lock the board.”  Not much debate happened.  I don’t know what the chances are of it actually getting put on the Senate calendar, but I am going to write to everyone in the Senate and ask them to vote against the bill.  When you look at the reaction of the local residents on the radio and on the projo blog, most don’t want it to pass.  We will see what happens.

If you live in Rhode Island, please contact your senator.  Here is a list of their email addresses.