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Flames of Hope tonight

Flames of HopeWhile this doesn’t have much to do with the prostitution law in Rhode Island, I will get a little off subject but for a good reason.  Tonight is Gloria Gemma’s Flames of Hope Water Fire.  I will be there filming, because filming is my passion.  The event is billed as a Celebration of Life and will light the State House in Pink, as well as have many family friendly events and all money raised will go to the LOCAL FIGHT!  This is the fourth annual “Pink Waterfire” and I have been at most of them.  I remember being at the first one held, just one month after my mother had been released from the hospital from her own battle with breast cancer, I think it was her 5th operation.  It was great hearing from women saying they were 20 year survivors or 2 week survivors.  It really is a celebration of hope.  If you can, please donate