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I am clapping with both hands!  We  made it into a film festival.  Cinekink 2009 in New York City.  As the saying goes if ” If I can make it here I’ll make it any where.”  I am excited beyond words, and there is sooooo much to do.  I hope if you are in the NY area you make it out to the film.  It is showing at 2:30 at the Film Anthology, and you can check it out at B-Side Films.  Click on this link to get tickets and put it on your schedule.

Because we have gotten into this festival big news is coming soon.  If you are not already on our mailing list please go to our website and sign up (at the bottom you will see a “Join Mailing list” just put your email in the box)  Be the first to know about the future of “Happy Endings”