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Things that make you go hmm…

I get a ton of emails.  I am on a ton of lists.  This one came across my desktop today and I thought it was rather interesting.  While I disagree with most of what he says, Sebastian Horsley has an interesting point of view, as a John, Pimp, and Prostitute (male escort).  Some could argue that he should have a more valid point-of-view than I would, seeing that I am an outsider.  Oh, did I mention his point of view is that prostitution should be illegal?

See the full story here: Why I Slept with 1300 Women.

Guest blog by “Chris” from Happy Endings?

In response to more raids “Chris” has written this, and I am including it in my blog.  It is titled “What I know, What I don’t know.”

I know that human trafficking is wrong and any one involved in trafficking humans should be punished.


I don’t know why, since the mid-nineties the FBI, IRS, ICE, state and local police have spent millions of dollars and man hours investigating the Asian businesses in Rhode Island and no one has been charged or found guilty with human trafficking.


I know that there has never been a report of guns, drugs, or violence in any of RI’s Asian businesses.


I don’t know why it takes ten police men to raid Asian businesses in RI (with out the help of translators), while the raids were under the guise of “Helping the women”.


I know that there has never been a crime committed or charged against any of the women in the Asian businesses in RI.  I know the customers have never filed complaints with the police about being robbed, and the workers have never filed any complaints against the customers.


I don’t know why a private transaction between two consenting adults, where no client or provider has complained of crime, would be investigated.


I know that since 1982 there has been no law in Rhode Island against indoor prostitution.


I don’t know how hundreds of Asian women were arrested for the crime of prostitution, prosecuted for the crime, and the lawyers were allowed to profit, while pleading women guilty to breaking a law that didn’t exist.


I know 48 states have laws against prostitution, where both the client and service provider are breaking the law, but the service providers are arrested at a 10 to 1 ratio to the clients.


I don’t know why in 14 years of raiding Asian businesses in RI, not one customer has been arrested, humiliated, and ridiculed by police, yet the service providers are subjected to arrest, humiliation, and ridicule, and even have had their names printed in the paper.


I know that “massage” occurs in strip clubs in Rhode Island.


I don’t know why women in Asian businesses were singled out to be arrested for “massage with out a license”?


I know if you look in Craig list you will find escorts and adult ads from providers of all nationalities and ethnic groups.


I don’t know why only the Asian businesses have been targeted by police, media, and politicians.


I know statistics on human trafficking shows the majority of the victims are young Caucasian women.


I don’t know why Human trafficking has been linked to RI’s Asian businesses, when in 14 years of investigating no link has been proven, and the women in the Asian businesses are between 30 and 50 years old and Asian, not fitting the profile of human trafficking victims.


I know there is a bill pending in the RI’s legislation to re-criminalize prostitution.


I don’t know how this bill will help any woman who engages in sex work for a living.


I know there is safety in numbers, and the women working together in Asian businesses are and have not been murdered, robbed, or beaten.


I don’t know why the focus has been put on the Asian businesses in RI, when independent providers have been victims of “The Craig list Killer” and Jeffery Mailhot.


I know if we criminalize prostitution we are not helping the women or men who participate in this private exchange between consenting adults.


I know that legalizing prostitution would mandate health checks, regulation, and tax revenue.


I don’t know why we would criminalize an activity that exists in every corner of the world, driving the industry underground and making it unsafe for all those involved.


I know if sex work was legal, we could use the regulations to make sure all the participants were willing and of legal age, driving out human traffickers.


I don’t know why we would change the prostitution law to help the women, when not one woman in the Asian businesses has asked for help.


I know that sex work is the world’s oldest profession, and no law will eradicate its existence.


I don’t know why we don’t spend the same effort and money to go after the reasons women are in sex work and not the women.


I know that money is the ultimate pimp, and as long as it is financially beneficial, prostitution will exist.