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The Media Machine

The national news has hit!  And they are not giving the whole story, like usual.  CNN has done two interviews with Gianinni, both times referring to the 16 year old that was found as a run away!  A RUN AWAY?  Gianinni herself says the 16 year old is a runaway.

What I can’t understand is why do they never use the word human trafficking now?  For years they media has been hounding on how they need to change the prostitution law because of human trafficking in the Asian massage parlors.  Now when they actually find a human trafficking victim they don’t refer to her a human trafficking victim but as a runaway?!?!  When the Providence Journal first reported this story, they reported it as follows:

A 16-year-old girl from the Dorchester section of Boston who’d been missing since February was found Monday in a basement apartment in South Providence with a man wanted for escaping from prison in Boston. The mystery of her whereabouts was nearly solved by chance five days ago, when a patrolman found the teenager bleeding and incoherent at the same apartment at 593 Prairie Ave. She said her “boyfriend” had punched her in the face after her shift as an exotic dancer at Cheaters strip club, according to a police report.

This 16 year old is at the center of a huge media blitz.  This 16 year old victim (who was sent to prison when found) is now being referred to as a “runaway”.  Interesting how the media skims over the fact she was TRAFFICKED BY A MAN WHO HAD ESCAPED FROM PRISON, and instead call her a “runaway”.

This case has set off a big media blitz.  It is sad that what the news stories are not mentioning  the fact that this 16 year old was exploited at the same time that General Assembly failed to pass a Human Trafficking law.  How sad is that?  What the media is focusing on is the “prostitution loophole” again, and once again these two things have nothing to do with each other.

Actually, I do see one similarity with the situation of underage strippers and the “prostitution loophole” in Rhode Island.  Both situations are big media stories about nonexistent issues have been used to further someone agenda. In RI, over the past 10 years after repeated raids and arrests of women, local, state, and federal agencies have not been able to find any human trafficking victims in an Asian massage parlor.  Just like how now the police said that they  have visited all of the strip clubs in the city and found no  juveniles performing. The owners of the strip clubs have come out and said that they would not and do not hire juveniles .

“We have so many girls who want to work,” Shappy said. “Housewives, college students, office workers, hairdressers. I have an LPN, an RN, a girl at the ticket counter at Green [Airport]. …

“We don’t want [minors] in the place. We respect the laws. There’s enough business to be happy with the way things are.”

Is this the ol’ bait n switch?

Today’s Providence Journal has an article on the front page about “Minors in RI can be strippers”  The article tells of how the age of concent in RI is 16, and that all a 16 year old needs is working papers and she or he can be a stripper.  But is this much to do about nothing?

I don’t think it is right for a 16 year old to strip, and I would support a law that would ban the activity, but I can’t help but wonder about this article.  First, the police have visited all of the  strip clubs in the city and found no juveniles performing.  So why this article?  Could it be some people got their panties in a bunch because the prostitution law was not passed, so they are looking for another way to pass it?

I was babysitting all day today, so I didn’t get to listen to talk radio too much, but from what I did hear, all conversations were linking back to prostitution.  From my few minutes of listening, people are going to try to use their outrage about this non-existent law for an non-existent problem to push the anti-prostitution bill farther.  If the state can’t save the women from human trafficking, they will have to save the children from the strip clubs.  It is all propaganda, and it is all sad.

The saddest part of this is that there was one girl who was 16 who was both a vicitm of human trafficking and working in a strip club.  She had used a fake id to get the job, and when the police found her beaten and incoherent outside the club they brought her to jail.  If the General Assembly didn’t waist so much time on a prostitution law, they could have passed the human trafficking law.