What other people say

At this time last year I was just rejected from Sundance and Slamdance film festival.  Before I submitted to those festivals I had a lot of people telling me I would get in, make a ton of money, and live happily ever after.  I always listen.  I actually thought the film would do something positive.  I had huge plans, and then REJECTION.

I am happy that today I was blogged about on Kmareka.

I struggled with this film for the past year, cutting, re-editing, trying to make it work.  I tried to make the film “commercial”, but how can I make a documentary on something that controversial and underground commercial?

I spoke with Nick, the editor who I worked with for hundreds of hours on this film.  When he read what was written he said he was proud to have someone see the film for what it was meant to be.  As the director and editor we want the viewer to watch the film and make up their own mind about prostitution and the situation in Rhode Island.

I feel with the words written on Kmareka, I have truely accomplished what I set out to do.  Now all I have to do is find a way to distribution so people will actually be able to see the film.

2 responses to “What other people say

  1. Hey there, I feel your pain on the rejection front, it’s like being kicked when you’re down (especially if they come in waves of rejections letters…) I’d say judging by the response to your film – the bar screening that got shut down – your work sounds like the kind of film that needs to be seen to cut through some outdated pre-conceptions in the population. Don’t give up! If you break through a couple of walls word of mouth could snowball for you…

  2. I think the anti-trafficking coalition should see your film. It’s a counterweight to all the propaganda–the women are not slaves, and they are not carefree sex-positive women having a good time either.
    Thank you for showing reality–it doesn’t make a simple narrative, it is what it is.
    I’ll keep writing about this on Kmareka, and thanks for linking to us.

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